An in-store test of the Planar 85mm on Sony’s new A7R2 shows excessive chromatic aberrations.

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ow! The Sony Planar ruins the capture with chromatic aberration when shooting wide open on the new Sony A7R2 body. Last week I was around the camera “stuff” district and decided to pop into one of the Sony dealers to test my luck at finding the new Zeiss Batis lenses. My luck didn’t improve but they did have a nice display of the A-mount Zeiss Distagon, Sonnar, and Planar lenses so I asked if I could give them a try on the new Sony A7R2 I just picked up from Hong Kong.


They also had stock of the new 90mm macro that just released this summer – so being curious, I asked to see that lens as well. What I found, comparing the Planar 85mm to the 90mm macro, blew my mind.

Sony’s new 90mm f/2.8 Macro G lens focuses an amazing, crisp image with no visible chromatic aberration anywhere compared to the shot taken with the Planar 85mm mounted using Sony’s EA3 A-to-E mount adapter.

This was just one simple in-store composition I fired off to see how they both handled but I didn’t need any more convincing.

I went home that night with a crisp new plastic Sony sales bag and a FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G lens inside.




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