Highlights from the Menu Shoot for a Contemporary Chinese Restaurant

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ecently, I had an assignment to photograph the menu dishes for a restaurant soon to open. The assignment was on location at the restaurant. I had one assistant. And we had one day to shoot everything.

As with anything in life – plan for the worst, hope for the best. On this day, it was good that we planned. The shoot was in Guangzhou, China – one of the country’s southernmost cities – where it does not snow. On shoot day, it snowed – first snow in something like 50 years. Snow and cold weather alone wouldn’t affect our indoor shoot, but an all concrete floor design made for pretty drafty conditions and I was handling one of those “day you can’t afford to be sick” colds – head and sinus. Terrific conversation starter.

No matter the setbacks. We got the shoot done. The dishes looked delicious! At the end of the shoot, the chef and crew complimented everyone with a fantastic spread of the day’s dishes – freshly prepared, not the hero dishes that sat out being photographed all day.

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Here is a short behind-the-scenes video from the day of the shoot.

Chad Stuart Owsley is a visual media professional: commercial and editorial photographer, visual editor, and Lecturer of Journalism in university, from the United States, working in southern China.